How to remove tonsil stones vinegar solution

There are many ways to have tonsil stones removed whether you want to get rid of the stones yourself or have a doctor remove them but will a vinegar solution do the trick? It has been an old wife’s tale for years that gurgling and swallowing vinegar in all different kinds of combinations will help clear away your tonsilloliths. However, although the trick does seem to work for people today you can improve the way of vinegar style. Today people seem to be using an Apple Cider vinegar solution to drink to eliminate their stones. One reason is because it is simply more enjoyable to drink but does the Apple Cider have any other benefits other than taste?

Since you have the same results with Apple Cider vinegar and regular vinegar it is hard to determine what extra benefits the cider has. It would probably be safe to say it is a tastier and easier way to remove you tonsilloliths from home.

This method doesn’t seem to be something that you want to try then you may be wondering alternatives on vinegar style excluded. If you still want to try to remove them at home then you could try scraping them off with your tongue or squeezing them out with cotton swabs or tweezers. Try to be careful if you have a sensitive gag reflex though so you don’t end up getting sick all over yourself. Using a water pick to flush out the water stones is also a very popular at home treatment options too even though it may cause a little discomfort.

Depending on how severe your tonsil stones are you may have to seek professional help to treat or remove them. Sometimes a tonsillectomy is needed which is where a surgeon completely removes your tonsils all together. You mostly see this operation done in children but many adults have had to undergo it as well. If your stones are removable you may be sedated while the surgeon goes in and physically scrapes off your tonsils stones and flushes the pockets out. These are all effective ways but they will be much more expensive than the at home methods.

When you have successfully removed your stones then you just have to focus on keeping up good oral hygiene. The better you take care of your mouth and immune system the better chance you have at avoiding these painful and irritating tonsil stones. So in conclusion, yes you can get rid of tonsilloliths like the wife’s tale says or if not you have plenty of others options to choose from. Just remember to keep yourself safe because if these stones go untreated they could cause a bigger infection. Eliminating them at home may be a little more painful but it is definitely easier on your wallet if you are looking to avoid hospital bills and other expenses.

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Dealing With Cancer The Smart Way: Tricks And Tips

Cancer is surely a dangerous ailment, however, lots of people do not know how cancer effects your daily living. Just like anything in your life, tips on how to succeed is gathering information in order to make informed decisions. In this post you will find significant amounts of information that will assist you to understand cancer and useful methods to cope with it.Cancer takes quite an emotional toll on the person along with their family. There is always hope. Medical professionals can treat cancer, and in some cases, even cure it.Remember that the vegetables and fruits you acquire might be contaminated. Farmers often douse crops with chemical pesticides and fertilizers to prevent insects and disease. Before you consume that fresh produce, wash it with water and mild soap to rid it of any pesticides. Alternatively, you can buy strictly organic fare.Starting to be a cancer sufferer can make you accept a few truths right up front. Prepare yourself now that can assist you fight later.

Inform yourself about the signs and symptoms of specific types of cancer, such as testicular cancer and colon cancer, in order to catch them early. Shedding pounds unexpectedly, bloody stools, thinning stools and cramping they all are signs of colon cancer. Visit your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

When encountered with cancer, whether it be you or another person you care about that is certainly suffering, it is very important to be as knowledgeable as possible by reading up on it. Staying confident actually benefits you much more than you really think, so think positive. For example,patients with breast cancer,join the breast cancer support group is a good idea for them.

When you’re depressed, your overall health can worsen, that can allow the cancer spread further. A depressed person lacks the vitality to combat against cancer.

This is a popular proven fact that fish including salmon is a healthy food choice. However, were you aware the omega-3 fat and low mercury in salmon can prevent cancer? You are able to combat cancerous cells within your body by having wild salmon a couple of times every week.

When confronted with cancer, be it you or a family member that is certainly suffering, you should be as knowledgeable as you can by reading through to it. It is important to be as confident as possible.

The concept alcohol is somehow useful in cancer treatment therapy is false. Wine might help prevent cancer as a result of grapes. Drinking lots of alcohol increases, not decreases, your likelihood of cancer.

As a full participant in your treatment program, as opposed to just letting doctors treat you, maximizes your opportunity of recovery. Don’t accept located on the sidelines. You won’t get better by doing this.

Will not think that alcohol can prevent cancer. The protective effects of wine range from grapes, not the alcohol. Drinking excessive alcohol will heighten the chance of cancer.

When going outside in the sun, hide with clothing to minimize your opportunity for cancer of the skin. Ultra violet rays in sunlight are associated with melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can be fatal. It is suggested to use a waterproof sunscreen SPF30+ in case you have light skin which happens to be prone to sunburn.

As previously noted, educating yourself is the simplest way to cope with cancer and the effects it has on your life. If you take care of your current health, you are going to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. Make use of the tips from your article to aid battle against cancer.

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Premenstrual Syndrome

The Calcium Connection

PMS may be nature’s signal to women to add more calcium to their diets.

According to a recent study in the American Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology (Thys-Jacobs et al), Calcium supplementation at 1,200 mg daily helps relieve premenstrual symptoms in four categories:

mood swings
food carvings
pain or tenderness

Relief of premenstrual symptoms in women receiving 1,200 mg daily of elemental calcium was very significant by the second and third months into the study.

Study Results


Irritability / Depression Reduction


Food Cravings Reduced


Aches and Pains Reduced


Water Retention Reduced



The association between calcium and PMS resulted from the observation that many premenstrual symptoms are similar to those of hypocalcemia, including muscle tension, irritability, and aches and pains.  Calcium-deficient patients are likely to display one or all of these symptoms.

This study supports the role of calcium in the treatment of PMS, a condition the researcher says represents a clinical manifestation of functional hypocalcemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism due to to inadequate concentrations of calcium consumption.  Thys-Jacobs also notes that other factors, such as heavy exercise, carbonated soda drinks, diuretics, and glucocorticoids can all interfere with calcium absorption or increase its excretion.  The study presents a hypothesis for a complex disorder and one which merits more study.

Calcium is obtained in the diet through a wide range of sources including dairy products, oysters, and leafy green vegetables.  Current recommendations for women between puberty and age 20 include dietary calcium intake of 1,200 mg per day.  Adult women are advised to maintain a daily calcium intake between 800 and 1,200mg.  Postmenopausal women (including surgical menopause) should aim for 1,500 mg.

This data suggests that there are better than “coin toss” odds of seeing some improvement within the next two to three menstrual cycles simply by taking  a supplement of what your body needs anyway…. Calcium.


Thys-Jacobs S, Alvir M. “Calcium-regulating hormones across the menstrual cycle, evidence of secondary hyperparathyroidism in women with PMS.” J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1995; 80(7):2227-2232.

Thys-Jacobs s, Starkey, P. Bernstein D, Tain J.  “Calcium carbonate and the premenstrual syndrome: effects on premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.” Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1998; 179(2):444-452.

“Calcium Relieves Premenstrual Symptoms.” The Integrative Medicine Consult 1999; 1(4):32.

The information on this page and on all the pages of this website are for information and educational purposes only.  This is not to be construed as medical advice.  Please consult a qualified medical practitioner regarding the evaluation and treatment of any health problems or concerns.

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Recipe Spinach Salad

Look what I ate today!  Yum, yum, yummy!!  This is the easiest and most flavorful spinach salad I have ever eaten.

Basically I put a handful of spinach, sliced cucumbers, small sliced tomato, black beans, and Ken’s Steak House Lite Ceasar dressing (update: I’m working on a homemade replacement for this).  This dressing is so flavorful and has a little bit of a spicy bite.  I only use about a teaspoon or so and that tiny amount is more than enough.

When I first started eating this salad I made it with chicken but now that I’m trying to eat more plant-based proteins I make it with the black beans.  It is tasty either way.  I’ve been eating this salad for months and I absolutely love it.  I hope you do too.

Do you have a favorite salad combination?

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The Day I Met A Dalek

So there I was, in Bradford, at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television when I saw a Dalek.

Cripes I thought, I’d better be careful it looks really far away, but they can trundle quite quickly on level, perfectly smooth, ground. I’d better make a dash for it. You can see the fear in my eyes!

Jon And The Dalek

It was at the point above that I realised I’d been duped. It wasn’t far away at all it was just really, really tiny.

And shit.

How they plan on conquering the universe is beyond me. Short arse Skaro bastards.

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